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A Change Must Be Made

Things don’t make you happy. That is my new motto. I get anxieties when I throw things away. It doesn’t make sense, I know, but I feel like if I throw something away I will forget the memory that is attached to that item. I have horrible memory recall and I can’t seem to remember things unless something triggers that memory. That is why I try to hold on to everything that comes into my life. Also, from holding on to the “good” items my brain seems to think that I don’t have to throw away trash objects. I can make something that came in a box and forget to throw away the box. I don’t necessarily have a strong attachment to that empty box, I just don’t think about throwing it away. Needless to say, our house have become unbearable.

If I was single I would still have all this stress about living in an extreme cluttered house, but I am married with two children. This is completely unfair to them. My husband didn’t know I was a hoarder when we got married, honestly I didn’t know I was a hoarder. I have just come to realize this the past few months after I started therapy because I couldn’t seem to be consistent and get my life in order. As wife and mother I have a huge responsibility to make my house a peaceful, comfortable place for my family to create happy memories together. I am currently not doing that.

When I was looking online for the millionth time on how to get my house in order I came across this idea of minimalist living. How many items to we have and purchase that we don’t actually need? What would be important to me (besides the obvious-my family) if I had 1 minute to gather things before my house was destroyed? How many items do we purchase just because we think they might make us happy? I started asking myself these questions and looked more into the concept of minimalist living and it intrigued me. Which brings us to this point in time where I decided to write a blog about my journey from being a hoarder to living minimalist. I hope that others will join me on this journey and gain some true happiness with people, not things, along the way.


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