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My Must List

I am going to be completing The Minimalists 21 day journey and today is Day 1: Deciding. The only task for Day 1 is to complete a “Must List”. Here is my first draft of my musts:

  • I MUST go to bed by 9 PM every night.
  • I MUST wake up at 5 AM every morning.
  • I MUST eat healthy food and not junk.
  • I MUST workout every Monday-Friday morning.
  • I MUST spend time in quiet learning every morning.
  • I MUST spend at least an hour outside everyday.
  • I MUST spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted alone time with my husband everyday.
  • I MUST spend 30 minutes teaching each child everyday.
  • I MUST give up unnecessary possessions in order to be free from guilt and anxieties.
  • I MUST blog every Monday-Friday.
  • I MUST be in the moment to experience life fully.
  • I MUST learn something new everyday.
  • I MUST watch less TV.
  • I MUST listen to others when they speak.
  • I MUST rest my mind, body, and spirit one day per week.
  • I MUST show love for others.
  • I MUST complete tasks that I start.
  • I MUST have confidence in myself and my decisions.

This is just my preliminary list and I am sure that they will change over time as my life changes and I narrow down my mission and passions in life.


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