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This is Going to be a Long Journey…

Well after being all gung-ho and writing my Must List on Friday, I continued reading The Minimalists journey to becoming minimalists. One thing that I have come to realize is that if a hoarder is going to become a minimalist it won’t be in 21 days! I am going to be continuing on my journey, but it will be at a slower pace. For instance, my Must List did not become musts in my brain. I am rewriting them and putting them in my Life Binder that I have created. I need to get things more specific and what things I know I must do, not things I think I must do for some generic reason.

Today will be about making my Must List and creating my “End Plan”. I have tried over the years to change, but I was always planning on my journey to the change. One thing that I have found out is that I just need to have an end goal, I don’t need to plan the journey. If I have an end goal, I will reach it and I need to enjoy the process wherever it may take me. I can’t control how I will get somewhere, I can only decide where I want to go and see where the journey takes me.


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