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Our Minimalist Life Starts TODAY, Not Tomorrow!

I was really tempted to say, “I will start changing our life/house tomorrow”, but then I remembered my new motto “Tomorrow doesn’t exist, there is only today”. If I put off clearing out our stuff until tomorrow we will be drowning in stuff next year! We are planning on moving in May so this is a perfect time to start clearing everything out. So I started at the coat closet. This is what I have accomplished tonight:

I still have to vacuum up the floor and clear off the top shelf. My husband wanted me to keep his tools in the closet for him, so I boxed them up instead of having them all over the floor. I am very happy with my accomplishments tonight. This is the first time I didn’t stop to plan. I knew that I wanted to bag up all the “good” items until later so that the decision making process won’t slow me down like it has before. I threw out all obvious trash and will make all decisions at the end when every room has been bagged up. I am feeling much better already!


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