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Living Intentionally

I have been working on trying to live intentionally. You know what? I have actually gotten more done. This morning I decided that I wanted to get the boys a bath, so I did. Then I made the bed and got myself dressed. Because I wanted to. My oldest son has been home sick with a stomach virus and he wanted me to watch some TV with him, so I did. It is amazingly freeing to do things intentionally.

I used to think about things that I really thought I *should* do, but I never actually did them. It always put so much stress on me because I knew that I should get more done, but I felt pressured to get certain things done. I wanted to do everything that a “good” wife and mother should. But what I thought I should do was based upon others preconceived notions of what the definition of a wife and mother should be. I am now creating my own definition of who I am; as a wife, a mother, and most important as me.


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