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Pretty Good Mood-Nothing Done in the House…

Well, the title says it all! I was in a pretty good mood today (probably because it was Halloween!!!!), but I haven’t really gotten anything done. I picked up a few things from the dining room the other day, but it wasn’t much. I have been sleeping A LOT. My nights and days are actually mixed up, so maybe it just seems like a lot because I don’t wake up until around noon! I have discovered that I am actually a morning person, except that I have a hard time falling asleep at night so then in the morning I feel groggy. Actually, usually around 3 AM I wake up, wide awake, but I always feel like 3 is too early to wake up. I may start trying to just get up then and take a nap after I have some things done. That way if I feel groggy after my nap, things will still have gotten done that day! That’s about all I have to report today. Nothing spectacular.



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